Minecraft automatic fish farm for food 

  06 February 2020

  Ahmed Nafisul Bari

Minecraft automatic fish farm for food cover image

The cooked salmon fish is great food in Minecraft as it restores 3 hunger bars. However, gathering all types of foods including fishing, can be hard and time consuming. Here I show you how to build an automatic fish farm that is also good looking. So, sit tight, grab your pickaxe and let's start with the items you need.

- 2 chests

- 72 hoppers

- 72 carpets

- few buckets of water

Now, you might be wondering why 72 hoppers? Because the rail & minecart with hopper system gets stuck when the server restarts or there are terrible lags. 

Dig the terrain 18*5 blocks wide and keep a lot of space over the construction.

Minecraft fish farm base image

Now, place the 2 chests together to make a large chest and place 4 hoppers facing the chests (you can seek and place hoppers facing the chest)

Minecraft fish farm Hopper face

Place the rest of the hoppers facing the next hopper and you will have a drain that looks like the picture below.

Minecraft fish farm hopper final

Now cover the hoppers with carpets. Here, I have chosen light gray carpets to match the stones.

Minecraft fish farm Carpets

Now we go 15 or more blocks above the drain. Then create another 18*1 drain to pour some bucket of water. You must have blocks surrounding the drain to stop the water floating over the carpets. 

Minecraft fish farm Carpets after Go grab some buckets of water and pour them in the drain above ?

Minecraft fish farm Drain image

Congratulation! You have completed the automatic fishing farm. 

Wait for few minutes for the fishes to spawn. This farm will provide you about 40 fishes per hour and some ink sacks as a bonus. Check the chest for fishes.

Minecraft fish farm Chest image

In my world, I have built the farm over the opening of a cave. Therefore, it acts as a door for the cave and gives it an aesthetic look.

Minecraft fish farm My Farm

Have you built a different fishing farm? Let me know in the comments below.